a practice.

19(10) a public space


reconversion of an old military site into a mixed-use neighborhood

The competition proposal aims to transform the grounds of an old military site into a productive neighbourhood. Sorting its spaces as séjours or parcours, it develops a catalogue of tools and interventions allowing the project to generate a multiplicity of public and green spaces centred around the potential of their uses and capitalising on the existing qualities of the place.

Programme: public space, productive space

Location : Ixelles, BE

Client: Société d'Aménagement Urbain

Status: competition in 2019

Surfaces: n.c.

Cost: 4.125.000 €

Team: A.M. A PRACTICE., architecture and urbanism + ATELIER VELDWERK, landscape + SWECO, engineering and costs management and bim / ARCHITECTURES PARRALLÈLES, conservation / VETO, health and safety coordination