a practice.

12(11) a school


construction of a primary school

The principles underlying this project for a primary school, examined in the context of an R&D mission, seek a form of constructive efficiency and of reproducibility. The meeting of a spatial and programmatic toolbox with the potentialities of a system of glued boards of solid wood determines a type-specific unity whose walls integrate structure, techniques and furniture.

Programme: classrooms, offices

Location : Herseaux, BE

Client: Administration générale des infrastructures, Ministère de la Communauté française

Status: planning permission accepted in 2017

Surfaces: 1,700 m²

Cost: 3,500,000 €

Team: A PRACTICE., architecture and furniture design / NEY & PARTNERS WOW, stability / CÉNERGIE, thermal and fluid engineering / DAIDALOS, acoustic / STUDIO OTAMENDI, signage / LAMCOL, contractor